HP - TimeTurner

--- HIATUS ---

--- H I A T U S ---

Challenge 199 is cancelled since nobody made icons even after being extended. Also, considering the lack of participation during the past months, the other mod and I decided to put the community on Hiatus. The community lasted for much longer than I thought it would be, since the challenges were on one family, so it is something we can be proud of.

Thank you to everyone for making icons on the Malfoy Family, and/or for voting in the polls :D
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HP - TimeTurner

Challenge 199


Theme: Headless
It sounds a little creepy, but what I mean is that we should not see all their head. Cropping the image above the mouth or on the nose is acceptable, but if we can see the eyes it's too much. My current userpic of Lucius is an example of what would be okay for this theme.

+ Use any brushes & text. Animations allowed.
+ Three icons can be entered. (they're screened)
+ Entries are due Saturday, January 18  February 1. Have fun.