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MALFOY ICONTEST: a pureblood icon challenge

the malfoy icontest
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Icons Challenges on the Malfoy family from the Harry Potter Fandom.

------- H I A T U S -------


welcome to the malfoy icontest. this is a weekly bi-weekly icon contest community dedicated to the unfamous malfoy family (and also the actors that play them in the movies).

maintainers: alexia_drake & stillamempty
banner maker: alexia_drake

so, this is how it works: every two weeks you'll find here ONE new contest to participate. the challenges will be (hopefully) different - we'll provide sometimes pictures, other times a quote or a theme, a color scheme... anything we can think of. your mission? to make beautiful icons from it!


01. you must be a member to participate.
02. your submission must not be used or posted anywhere else before the contest is over, and you can't use it as a personal icon.
03. do not use LJ scrapbook to to host the icon, we recommand Photobucket or imgur they are free and easy to use.
04. the number of icons you may submit will be stated in the challenge itself.
05. do NOT vote for yourself, the Mods can see who votes for which icons in the polls.
06. your icon must fit LJ's requirements: equal or under 40k, 100x100 pixels, .png .jpg or .gif.
07. you can only submit icons made by you! therefore, no bases except if it's given by the challenge.
08. the icons do not have to use only movie-official malfoy pictures, promo and fanarts are fine.
09. do not take any of the contest icons without the maker's permission.
10. if the challenge has less than 8 entries, it will be extended.
11. post your submission as a comment to the challenge entry, following the example below:

This icon has been made by 17tvfreek, Winner of Challenge 90.

Or use this code for each of your icon, simply paste the URL of your icon at both place:


- the contests will begin on monday and end on the second saturday every two weeks.
- voting will start on sunday and will go until tuesday.
- winners will be announced & banners posted some time on the week that follows the voting.


header made by: 17tvfreek (Winner of Challenge 126)
original coding: onebigshrug
style: S2 Smooth Sailing


wanna affiliate with us? comment here. don't forget to link to malfoy_icontest!

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you can find good screen captures of all Harry Potter Movies in Galleries at Homeofthenutty.com


the more people we have, the best it'll be. so please, help to spread the word using one of the banners below. thanks :)